RBPP Reception for Delegates from Sylhet

(from L to R) Abdur Rohim Ranju, Cllr Keith Swift (RBPP  Chairperson), Mohammed Jamal (Journalist & RBPP organiser in  Sylhet), The Mayor Cllr Zulfiqar Ali, Mohammed Dobir Miah, Rofiqul Islam  Jubayer (Biswanath Press Club President & RBPP Sylhet Organiser)  and Cllr Farooq Ahmed

The Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project (RBPP) held a reception at the town hall for the delegates from Sylhet (Bangladesh).

The delegates Mr Rofiqul Islam Jubayer and Mohammed Jamal – are both Journalists and involved with the Biswanath Press Club. Both of them are local organisers for the RBPP in Sylhet and were invited to Rochdale to come and see at first hand the town which has been linked with Sylhet last year. The guests had the opportunity to discuss the work of the Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project with counterparts, council officials, councilors, the MP for Rochdale – Simon Danczuk as well as the Mayor Cllr Zulfiqar Ali amongst others. They were later given a guided tour of the town hall, the Touchstones art gallery, the Co-op Museum, memorial gardens and Hollingworth Lake.

Mr Jubayer & Mr Jamal thanked the RBPP and stressed that they would play there part over in Sylhet to continue the good work through the Rochdale & Sylhet Friendship Link. Mr Jubayer said: “We are delighted to have been given this opportunity by the Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project to come and meet people in the Borough of Rochdale and have the opportunity to look around the social & economic structure of the town. I feel that this visit has given us a great insight into the work of RBPP and we have learnt a lot through it, which I am sure, will only strengthen the ties we have between Rochdale & Sylhet.”

Mohammed Dobir Miah (Secretary of RBPP) added: “Mr Jubayer and Mr Jamal together with their colleagues at the Press Club have been key to get the link off the ground and start projects for the Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project. We are really grateful to them and we hope that their visit has highlighted the determination of the RBPP to work together for the common good of our people both here in Rochdale and in Sylhet. We have had several discussions about our future aims and have lined up projects between Rochdale and Sylhet which they will help us deliver, and we are very grateful for them to take time out to visit us, we wish them well for the future and a safe journey home.”

For further information about RBPP & the Rochdale & Sylhet Friendship Link please ring o7764 614o31 or [email href=”info@rbpp.org.uk”]email[/email] . You will also find more information on our website – www.rbpp.org.uk.