Record Breaking Batsman’s Visit Supports Coldhurst Club

Famed cricketer Mohammad Yousuf visited Coldhurst Cricket Club on Jubilee Saturday to support the club and it’s members in their efforts .

Not only did he offer his help and support to the club; but also promised to play with Coldhurst Cricket Club for a day in July to demonstrate his batting tactics.

Mohammad Yousuf is best known in cricket for breaking the world record for most Test runs in a single calendar year in 2006 and was formally known as Yousuf Yuhan before converting Islam in 2005.

The visit was organised by Imran the club’s Business Manager & President to encourage club members to do well and increase awareness of the club among local people and how it can work with local people and need the support of local communities and businesses.

The club is particularly keen to encourage young people to play as Coldhurst is an area with few activities suited to them – and this year the club is looking to introduce Junior team (children between 6 and 16).

In strict financial times such as these  it’s not easy for anyone and the club is seeking the support of local businesses and wealthy people to support their projects. A strategy that is starting to work – only 2 weeks ago, “Sylhet Catering Services Oldham” sponsored the full uniform for Cricket Team.

The club launched in 2011 is still in its first stage and finance is very important to give the club a stable foundation and work towards a good future. So their theme for 2012 is development and growth.

From next season in 2013 the Coldhurst Cricket Club  aims to be ready to take part in the “Last Man Stand League”.

For more information you can contact Imran on O79004022334.
The Club’s Website is