Remembering Masawir Khan 1935-2010

15th Nov 2010 saw the funeral of Junab Masawir Khan who passed away on the previous day.

M.Basit Ashraf shares some memories of Mr. Khan that we are sure speak for many.

My memories, my emotions and…..
A tribute to my great uncle Mr Mabaswir Khan (1935-2010)
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
Love leaves a memory no one can steal.

When I heard he has left us for eternity!    
Tears poured down my face, clouds spreading its shade of sorrow and
begun to thunder! I looked up and visualise the depth of darkness and
the speed of winds, blowing me away, far a_w_a_y.

My memories took me years back; it is a little blur to me! I can’t
remember my father, his appearance, his blessed hand on my head, his
hug, care, and love. Certainly I remember a loving gaze, a caring hand
an inspiring voice! Don’t worry my child (Shoshur Beta) I will be
there for you!

Yes, he was there for me as a shield, he was in his vacation and
returning to the UK, in the morning of his departure he came to our
house, held me tight, gave me shelter, poured his loving tears in
supplications then he said, do you want anything? I said, a football.
But my heart and mind said, don’t leave me, don’t go away, who
will love me like my father? Who will I ask for help in

He named me (Ashraful Alom) most righteous in the world. One day he
told me the wisdom behind naming me Ashraful Alom. He said my coming
into this world made him happiest ever and hoped that I will be a
righteous person.

Once he wrote to my mother and said, fulfil the dream of his father
and provide him best possible education. Over the years, he directly
and indirectly helped and comforted me through his many inspirational,
spiritual and philosophical writing. He was a very compassionate human

He kept me in his thought and when the opportunity came he extended
his helping hand and incompatible advice. In 1987 he visited
Bangladesh; he placed his blessed hand on my head, hugged me, poured
in tears and said, how are you my child? Emotions, happiness of an
orphan cannot be express in words! I said fine.
While I was studying in Madrasha I won many prizes. Fellow student
were joyous and their father accompanied in award ceremony. I weeped
and said, Oh Allah please return my father, return my happiness!

He attended in the award ceremony of 1987, that year I won the prize
for the most righteous characteristic pupil of the year. He called me
and hugged me with his beautiful smile, I discover a drop of warm
water falling on my shoulder, I looked up and saw that he has wet
eyes. I prayed to Almighty and said Oh Allah you heard my prayers.
We were devastated and in grief when our grandmother (Nani) passed
away in1991. He wrote a very emotional and inspiring letter to us! His
inspiration helped our family in grief.

In 1993 we came to UK; in our arrival he spends his valuable time to
facilitate us with comfort. When my mother asked him to guide me to
choose my new career, he insisted me to carry on with education and
said, knowledge cannot be bought with wealth!

First year in college I achieved the award as a best achiever in the
class then I attained my Honours degree. In both occasion I found him
very emotional. I realised the reason of his happiness, undoubtedly he
loved me like his own child.

This year (2010) we went to Bangladesh, when I went to see him before
our departure he holds my hand and said in tears, my child comes back
soon! I am in my last days!
Soon as I came back from Bangladesh I went to see him, as he saw me he
begun to weep and said are you back? He said, I was very ill in the
month of Ramadan and worried; I thought I wouldn’t be able to see
you again! In your absence who will do the preparation of my farewell!
His expression made me very emotional and I felt he may leave us soon.
I prayed to Allah (swt) for his long life.

Last time I saw him in Jum’a (12th November), I saw him shivering
and thought he needed assistant. I came close to him, putted his
shoes, brought his stick and hold him tight in his way out of the
Masjid. As he came out he saw some other people (Councillor A Jabbar,
A Malik, AS Khan and others) looked at the new Masjid and said in
emotion, this humble servant of Allah first proposed to built the
central Masjid, first one to lay the brick. I am really happy; this
dome is alike of Gumbude Khadra (Dome of Masijid an Nabwai). I may not
be able to pray next year, but my prayer (Du’a) will always be there
for you. He then looked at the dome for few times. When I got him in
the car he looked at me and placed his blessed hand on my chest also
he placed his hand on my head when I was putting his shoes on. I
believe that he supplicated for me! Oh Allah makes his supplication
for me a means of salvation in this world and hereafter.

He was a very pious and always kept busy in Azkar (remembrance of
Allah), when ever I visited him he talked about Allah (swt) and his
beloved Prophet (saw). He was very patient, compassionate, generous,
loving, and tolerant. He had willingness to help anyone in distress in
whatever way he can. He instituted many educational institutes in UK
and Bangladesh.

We lost him physically, but his spirit, legacy will remain with us
till our last breath. His glorious life will inspire us in many ways.

I will miss him very much! I wouldn’t be able see him again but his
smile, love, care and blessings will remain in my life. There is none
second to him who will be alike. With all my sincerity I pray to Allah
(swt) to place him in Jannthul Ferdaus and make us capable to follow
his footsteps. Ameen.

M.Basit Ashraf

A well known and well respected man within the local community and beyond, Junab Masawir Khan he was one of the first from Bangladesh to make a home in Oldham 45 years ago, he has been a help to many of the newcomers to this country who came after. He was deeply involved in the local community and also worked to improve life for those in his village back in Bangladesh.He will be missed by many.

ST Editor