Riots, Robbery, Revolution and Ramadan

news screensAugust was a busy month to be sure. While many fasted and prayed others around the world took to the streets. Images of violence filled our screens.

While the Syrian and Libyan people struggled to take back the countries that their current rulers had stolen from them years ago; in Baghdad 28 were killed by a suicide bombing at a mosque on the 29th, just before the end of Ramadan.

In the UK rioters and organised gangs ravaged their own communities – targeting shops and shopping centres for pillaging. – in Dudley St. Birmingham, 3 young men, Haroon Jahan and brothers Shahzad Ali and Abdul Musavir were hit by a car and died while guarding their street in Winson Green.

However – the one image that we will remember from the events in this country is not of burning shops or trashed streets, but of one man’s quiet, magnificent dignity.
Tariq Jahan the bereaved father of Haroon Jahan spoke to and on behalf his local community to the cameras and press, just hours after the the death of his son and neighbours’ sons. A picture of both grief and strength he was not to be distracted or led by bystanders or reporters looking for blame or headlines, he simply expressed his horror and dismay at the random reasonless deaths and pleaded for the local community to keep calm, more violence was the last thing needed. He also said we would all forget them in a few days. We hope not. Not them, and not Mr. Jahan.

With the families’ approval an International Football game between India and Pakistan game will be played at Derby County’s Pride Park on 3 September in their memory with a minute’s silence in dedication and the players wearing black armbands. Proceeds from the game will go to charity.