Rochdale Bangladeshis Celebrate Bijoy Debosh

bangladesh flag at rochdale townhallIn December 2010 the Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project arranged it’s quarterly meeting to coincide with “Bijoy Debosh” which takes place on December the 16th.  It is the day when Bangladesh gained victory from the liberation war 39 years ago.  At the meeting the RBPP member’s discussed the idea of promoting the initiative of “Bijoy Phool” (victory flower) just like the poppy.  This is a new concept which is being promoted all over the world, as Bangladesh remembers the 3 million people who lost their lives.  So in future you may see someone wearing one during the month of December (1st – 16th December).

The RBPP this year hand-made some, but are looking into producing these on mass for next year.bijoy_phool_rbpp

The Bangladesh flag was flown outside Rochdale Town Hall in honour of the 3 million people who died in the war.

The RBPP which established a Friendship Link between Rochdale & Sylhet, hopes to continue promoting Bangladesh to all regardless of their background and in particular to British Bangladeshi’s (who have parents, elders and relatives connected to the country).

Mohammed Dobir Miah, the secretary of RBPP said; “The Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project would like to wish everyone all the very best wishes on the occasion of the 39th Bijoy Debosh.  We remember all those who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Bangladesh – we salute them for giving us the freedom Bangladesh and Bangladeshis enjoy today.  We hope that the RBPP can provide a platform for the British born Bangladeshi’s to learn about their roots and culture.  We also hope that the wider communities can learn and understand Bangladesh and its history.  We will work on having a community event next year to mark the 40th.”