Rochdale Feels Good 2012 – Oh Yeah!

Rochdale’s Feel Good Festival (31st Aug-1Sept)

…was lucky enough to catch the sun yesterday and was one again an example of what Rochdale seems to do right and Oldham, just doesn’t seem to do. The town centre was once again taken over by fun, stalls, attractions, a Capt. Jack Sparrow on walkabout by day and a concert in the evening – on Saturday from the legendary Martha and the Vendellas so those who stayed would be treated to some Motown classics delivered by a genuine Motown classic act. Food was very much in evidence with stalls of local and international deliciousness very much in evidence with cookery demonstrations on stage from the TV Chef Aazam Ahmed and in the square Veenas’ Farooq Ahmed was doing his “10 Minute Curry”.

Many more pictures and the foody side of the show are on our companion site dedicated to restauranty things: Dine2Night.
We forgot to tell anyone here about the site – it’s actually been running for more than a year and we kinda wanted to let it pick up its own audience first, which it seems to have done so we now can take off the lid and reveal the spicy stew that is

It currently covers mainly the North-West, but between now and the new year we have another 500 establishments to add to our listings from all around the U.K. like  Bradford, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leicester, London (of course), Liverpool…oh you get the idea.

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