Russia to Build Nuclear Power for Bangladesh


The Bangladesh Science, Information and Technology Ministry has signed a deal with Russia for the construction of two, 1000 Megawatt nuclear power plants.

Part of the national drive to increase and improve electrical power production, the deal was signed in Dhaka by ICT Secretary Hawlander of Bangladesh and the Director-General of Russian Rosatom. The contract  includes provision for training, supply and the management and treatment of nuclear waste, including future decommissioning.

The deal goes back to a memorandum of understanding signed between the countries in 2009. However Bangladesh had began investigating the possibility of nuclear power in the early 1960’s. At that time choosing the site at Roopur in the Pabna district, where the new plant now to be developed will actually be located. later in the 1980’s a 125 Megawatt was also proposed and approved but was never built. In 2009 it was believed that the plant at Roopur would be 600MW. The new plants output will be more than three times as much at a projected 2000MW and provides some measure of the increasing need for a cheaper, stable, more reliable supply of electricity in Bangladesh.

It would seem that the plans stretching back to 1963 may finally come to fruition.