Singerkach Health Centre Meet

The Singerkach Development Committee was established to tackle poverty in the village of Singerkach and help those villagers who are needy.  Since the committee was established it has been working to establish a health centre as the nearest health centre, clinic or hospital to the village is in the town of Sylhet some 25km away.
Now – after many months of hard work and consultations with experts and the community the project is on the verge of being realised.
On the 28th February 2010 a meeting of all the people involved who originate from the village was held  at the Million Restaurant in Westwood, Oldham to raise awareness of the Singerkach Health Centre project.  There were many speakers including, Moktar Ali, Abdul Malik, Abdul Ali, Habibur Rahman, Barrister osman Goni, Anwar Miah (Ingrez).