Student Mofozzul Encourages Others to Study in China

Mofozzul Choudhury Imran was Oldham’s first student on the Study China programme and is now encouraging others to give it a go.


Mofozzul Choudhury Imran on The Great Wall of ChinaMofozzul attended the programme last Easter and is now more then happy to help and support anyone interested applying. Mofozzul was the first ever student from University of Huddersfield to attend this programme and promoted it in Oldham Campus last year.

Study China Programme – Summer 2012

Study China programme is managed by University of Manchester and funded by the UK government.

The application process of Study China Programme for summer 2012 has been opened and the deadline to apply is Sunday 17th June 2012.

To be eligible to apply for the programme, you do not require any previous knowledge of Chinese but you must fulfil ONE of the following criteria by the time you submit your application:
Have been accepted onto an undergraduate course and deferred entry (i.e on an official gap year)
Be a student on an undergraduate, nursing diploma, foundation degree or HND level course at an English, Scottish or Northern Irish University or Higher/Further Education college
Be a Master’s, PGCE or PhD student at an English, Scottish or Northern Irish University or Higher/Further Education college.

You must also fulfil ALL of the following criteria:

Be at least 18 years of age at commencement of the programme
Hold of a valid EU/EEA passport*

You are NOT eligible for the programme if you:

Are an EU/EEA student on an Erasmus semester/year in the UK
Are an international student who pays overseas fees to study in the UK
Are an English, Northern Irish or Welsh student studying in a Scottish university/college

Programme details:

Once accepted on to the programme, students will commit to a structured programme of study with a focus on developing their knowledge and understanding of China and the Chinese language. If you are in your final year of undergraduate study or an MA student near the completion of your study, the option to take up an internship programme (at your own cost) with one of our recommended organisations after the completion of the programme allows you to extend your stay in China and build up useful business contacts.

The good news is that you do not need any previous knowledge of Chinese to benefit from the programme, and your education will not be limited to the classroom. There is a vibrant programme of cultural classes, days out and social occasions to look forward to, ensuring that your experience of China is truly lived, as well as taught.

What does the Programme offer?

Each programme includes accredited Chinese language courses (40 hours, 2 credits) and one academic course (18 hours, 1 credit) as well as cultural classes, family visits, social occasions and trips to areas of cultural significance.

Language Classes:

You will receive 40 hours of language tuition at the appropriate level, as determined by placement tests. The language tuition will place emphasis on developing your oral communication ability, particularly for the beginners, so that you can go about with your daily life without too much hindrance during and after the programme. The language course bears 2 units of credit (equivalent to UK 20 credits at undergraduate level) with a formal assessment at the end. The course is designed to meet the requirements of HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), an internationally recognised Chinese language proficiency test, i.e. level 1 for beginners and higher levels for non-beginners accordingly.

Accredited courses on China:

You will complete a one credit course on China taught in English (equivalent to UK 10 credit undergraduate course). The course has a total of 18 contact hours and is made up of lectures, guest lectures by business practitioners, company visits and project work. The project work will require spending time collecting information, data and conducting interviews with businesses and government offices. Such a course should help you to build up links with businesses for possible future employment.

Cultural Classes:

You will get a taste of Chinese culture through classes of Tai Chi, calligraphy and traditional music and painting. Traditional folk arts and crafts are an important way of life in China, and a wonderful skill to bring home at the end of your trip.

Visits and Excursions:

Previous trips have included visits to the Beijing Opera, a night cruise on the Huangpu River, acrobatics displays, visits to the tea museum, silk factory and other local points of interest. These give you an insight into everyday life in your temporary home, and allow you to develop a deeper understanding of the local and national culture.

All the information is on the website: