Super-Jumbo Airliner A380 Makes Its Manchester Debut

Emirates_A380 by G PatkarThousands of people saw the Airbus A380 – the world’s largest passenger aircraft make its first landing at Manchester Airport today. The massive plane is the size of 3 tennis courts it’s wings reaching from edge to edge of the runway.  Not only is this giant the largest airliner, it’s also the only one in the world with an on-board shower! This hotel-in-the-sky flies with Emirates and starts in regular service tomorrow flying between Manchester to Dubai where a new purpose-built terminal is being built for it. Manchester too has been upgrading facilities to take on this new arrival and is currently the only regional airport in the world to handle this craft.

If you fancy taking an ultra-luxury trip on the biggest and best, the price of flying first class is every bit as huge and impressive  as the plane itself at around £3000 return.