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Being in hospital can be a difficult, bewildering and often a scary experience for anyone and particularly for children.

The RBPP delegation led by the Mayor Cllr Keith Swift last year visited the Jalalabad Ragib-Rabeya Medical College Hospital in Sylhet. And to their dismay found that the Children’s Ward did not have a single toy for sick children to play with.

The RBPP believe that we should help the JRRMC Hospital make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible and work towards creating the very best healing environment for children. It’s a simple fact that children get better more quickly in an environment they like and even enjoy.

The Rochdale Bangladeshi Project is supporting the mayor’s appeal and so can you –

Donate your toys here and make a difference today

For details please ring/text: 07764 614031 or email

Deadline for donations 15th March 2010 / UPDATE – NOW EXTENDED to APR 23

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