Switch to Low Energy Lighting could save Bangladesh 400MW/Day

light bulbs

Bangladesh is switching to Compact Fluorescent bulbs to reduce electricity consumption and make further progress on energy targets. Using these bulbs could save energy equivalent to the output of two power plants like the one being built at Chandpur and two more like the one at Fenchuganj every day. Consumers will be able to exchange bulbs on a one-for-one basis.

The energy saving CFL’s have been widely adopted in the UK and other parts of Europe in recent years – these bulbs not only use around a quarter as much electricity as the older tungsten incandescents and run cooler while lasting many times longer[1. Compact Fluorescents last 8-15 times longer than their equivalent incandescent bulbs.]

The production of Incandescent bulbs for domestic use has ceased in the UK and since the widespread adoption of the long lasting CFL’s and purchase prices have dropped, in some cases energy suppliers have distributed some free bulbs to customers  adding to the savings made over their lifetime compared with old style bulbs.