Sylhet to Cox’s Bazaar by Bike 2010

cycling in sylhet apr 2009Some of you may know that in April of last year (2009) 3 Brits, flew to Bangladesh, with the intention of pedalling their Bikes from the Holy City of Sylhet in the North, to the Beauty & Romance of Cox’s Bazaar, at the Southern-most tip of Bangladesh.

Were they successful?…they certainly were, completing the 350 miles in 6 days. I was one of the those 3 cyclist (some may say Fagol) ?

Believe me, it was the experience of a lifetime. I am not saying it was easy, it was physically tough, but we all made it, and now when I tell some of my Bangladeshi Bhondu’s back in the U.K. of what we achieved, they gasp in amazement. Believe me when I say that the memories and experiences of those 6 days by Bike were absolutely superb.

Muzahid Khan & myself, have finally drafted plans for a second attempt, to cycle from Sylhet to Cox’s Bazaar, but this time taking 7 days. The route is mainly flat, and I speak as an experienced Cyclist / Triathlete, that if you are keen to join us, and you ride your Bikes throughout this summer gradually building up your fitness, you will succeed !

Muz & myself have the experience and contacts built up over previous visits. Since 1996, we have organised 7 different tours including, education tours, sports tours and general sightseeing tours in which over 150 people have participated and benefited. The previous tours have covered various visits to Dhaka, Sylhet and Cox Bazaar. The 2010 trip will be the first time we are undertaking a full bike ride and will be very exciting and life changing experience.

We are planning to travel on Sunday 24th October 2010 and Return on 5th November 2010.

If you fancy the idea and you are reasonably fit, I will give you a Training Programme for the summer months, and help you all I can.

More information about the trip and an application form is on our website xperimeadventures