Syrian Revolution comes to the North-West

While London was having rough time with anarchic protests in the West-End today, a group of rather polite and well-behaved Syrians was demonstrating at Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester.


It seems the wave of revolutionary protest sweeping the Middle-East has reached the North West. (Video feature)

The demonstration seemed to be appreciated by the passing shoppers many of whom stopped to chat and take photos. The protesters stood on the steps in front of the Statue of Queen Victoria demanding the removal of the Syrian President Chanting of  “What do we want Freedom! When do we want it Now!” and “Hey-Hey-Ho Bashar-has-to-go”. Was Ol’ Queen Vic amused? probably not but there were with plenty of smiles from everyone else.

Throughout the world freedom has often been hard won, and we see the struggle continuing daily on our screens.

On the anniversary of Bangladesh’s Independence we salute all who sacrifice and struggle to improve their lives and those of others.