First British Bangladeshi Cabinet Portfolio Holder at Rochdale Council

Councillor Farooq Ahmed of RochdaleThis has truly been a remarkable year for the British Bangladeshi’s.

we have achieved a number of milestones on the political landscape of Britain.  In Rushanara Ali we have found our first member of Parliament, in Lutfur Rahman we have the first elected executive Mayor and more locally we have now the 1st British Bangladeshi Cabinet Portfolio Holder at Rochdale Borough Council – Councillor Farooq Ahmed.

Councillor Farooq Ahmed was 1st elected as a Councillor in 2007 representing the Central Rochdale ward for Labour, which has a sizeable Bangladeshi community.  He has since held a number of positions including shadow finance portfolio holder and the leader of the Labour party for the Rochdale township (which Councillor Colin Lambert announced after last May’s election).  Now Councillor Lambert who is the Leader of Rochdale Borough Council after forming a minority administration to run the council due to the collapse of the Lib-Dem Conservative coalition, has on Wednesday 15th December announced his cabinet.   Councillor Farooq Ahmed has been appointed as the Finance Portfolio holder – the first Bangladeshi to reach that level and what great timing, as it happens on the eve of Bijoy Debosh!

On behalf of the Rochdale Bangladeshi Partnership Project Mohammed Dobir Miah said “May I take this opportunity to congratulate our first ever British Bangladeshi Cabinet member Councillor Farooq Ahmed for getting appointed to the Finance Portfolio within the Council. It is no secret that he has got a daunting task ahead of him trying to sort out the financial mess of the borough but to get the position is a major achievement and is a proud moment for all of us.  We feel he has been rewarded for his hard work and I am sure he will rise up to the challenge and try his best to make the whole community proud.  We all wish him well and we hope that he will be an inspiration to many, as he is the only representation from the Bangladeshi community at the moment on Rochdale Council.”