The Go! Bus is a Go!

Launched today the GO! BUS is a new youth resource for Oldham.

Go Bus

So – what is a Go! Bus? –

It’s a mobile Youth Centre and Classroom. It’s a fabulous new resource for community groups working with young people in Oldham. A mobile youth bus featuring a range of youth activities: Xbox, DVD system, classroom area, sound system, Internet access and Wi-fi. For accessibility it is also equipped with a power lift able to raise up-to 21 Stones in weight (133 Kg) at the entrance.

The Go! Bus will provide high quality youth provision into areas where it’s currently needed. The bus may also complement organisations’ youth outreach strategies and help to signpost young people to existing provision in the Borough.

We have just returned from the launch outside the Pakistani Community Centre in Glodwick where we got on board. If you remember the Youth Bus which operated in the areas covered by the SRB6 scheme – it’s like that but ++2012 style. The old double deckers are now at the end of their usable life and are expensive; but the modern single decker can get to – and park in places the the old buses just couldn’t and promises to be more efficient and environmental too. Plus it’s much better looking.

The Go! Oldham branded mobile youth bus is a partnership project with Positive Steps and Oldham Children and Youth Alliance. It’s funded by the ASDA foundation as part of the National project “On Route”.

The Go Bus! Is available to any Active member of The Oldham Children & Youth Alliance to deliver services to Young People in their communities.

For more information, and to book the Go! Bus, contact [email href=””] Kashif Ashraf[/email] or ring o161 621 966o.


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