TIA “Oral History of Bangladeshis in Greater Manchester” Completed

Tigers International Association Community  LogoThe Tigers International Association  project gives an Oral History of Bangladeshis in Greater Manchester.


Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and undertaken with support from the Manchester Metropolitan University the year long project captures the oral accounts of the first generations of Bangladeshis in the North-West. The project gathered vital information on the life and times of early immigrants by taking over 50 personal accounts  family life, culture,religion, education, enterprise and community development. This will prove an invaluable resource for both the community and as an educational resource for years to come.


Oral history is first hand evidence of the past and a tradition of folklore and stories passed down from generation to generation. These oral histories portray a detailed and unique account of the Bangladeshis experience in Britain as the community became intervoven into British society to become the integral part thaT it is today and will form an historical document leading to a greater awareness of the history of the community as a whole.


tia production team

As a most significant piece of work undertaken within the BME communities and it is hoped that the project will pave the way for other similar projects so that the rich history and the footsteps of early immigrants will become imprinted in the fabric of their adopted cities and country.