Tony Lloyd, Labour’s Choice Rallies Support Running for Police & Crime Commissioner of Gtr Manchester

Tony Lloyd is Labour’s candidate for the job of  “Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester” which is a police oversight role with significant powers attached (like the ability to fire Manchester’s top cop). Over the past few weeks he has been making the rounds of local Greater Manchester Labour explaining the position and making his case.

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We first ran into the candidate’s roadshow in September at the Blue Tiffin, Royton where the event was organised Muz Khan where a who’s who of Labour people from the area attended. More than 100 diverse guests were invited  and came from all around Greater Manchester, with a strong presence by the Manchester councillors and Tony Lloyd crew such as Luthfur Raman and Afzal Khan. Also from Manchester was Councillor Afia Kamal. Rochdale’s Farooq Ahmed was there too and from Oldham Shoab Akhtar and Fidda Hussain all of whom were entertained by the popular Panche dancers…

Election PolicemanIn August observers such as the Electoral Reform Society warned that the turnout for the polls in November could be as low as 18.5% – which would be the lowest in modern election history, even worse than the 1998 local council elections which saw a shameful turnout as low as 25.2% outside London – which would turn the election into “a shambles”. Which makes clear the relevance of those speaking at the Tony Lloyd event strongly emphasising the importance of actually getting out and voting on Nov 15th to ensure that no fringe candidate could sneak into such a critical post.

A week later we also saw a good turn out at the Last Monsoon in Stockport where we met new Councillor Lauren Booth of Offerton – and this week it was Rochdale’s turn to be host at Councillor Farooq’s own Veenas Restaurant in Heywood again many turned out on the now-winter nights. This time around the majority of those present were from the Rochdale, Heywood, Milnrow areas but Councillors Malik and Jabbar from Oldham also braved the rain to show their support and all greatly enjoyed the evening’s entertainment by the awesome “Patelvis”.

This friday was Saddleworth’s turn with an event at the splendid Saddleworth Hotel organised by Councillor Kaiser Rahman. The event was notably attended by MP’s Debbie Abrahams and Micheal Meacher, Cllr Nasir Ahmed from Walsall and from Oldham, Councillors Shoab Akhtar and Abdul Jabar. Also in attendance were  Trupti and Jagdish Patel from the local Indian Association and members of the local business community who were treated to show of razzle-dazzle fund-raising by Muz Khan.

Pictures from Royton and Stockport events.

While Labour may be philosophically unhappy with the idea of an individual police commissioner versus a watchdog committee, those we met at the events thought he was a good man for the job, actually – the man for the job – and in speeches cited his experience, character and impressive history serving in significant roles within the parliamentary party.

About Tony Lloyd (Wikipedia).

Look at it this way: You gotta be careful who you give the Bat-Signal to.
In all seriousness – accidentally letting some Joker get elected the would be bad.
Not just for Greater Manchester and the North-West.
For the country.

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