Walking,Cycling & Well Being in Heaton Park with the Bangladesh Cycle Tour Team

We recently caught-up with the organisers of last year’s Cycle-Trek to Sylhet, Bangladesh in Heaton Park, Manchester.


(Article with Video)
When we say “caught -up” actually, we waited for them to stop! Phil Buckley the tour’s coach had just cycled the 7 miles from Shaw at 20mph and Muz Khan the tour organiser was participating in the 5km Heaton parkrun which takes place every Saturday morning. They told us how they had been maintaining their fitness since the Bangladesh cycle tour, and in the lead to their next major cycling event  – from Main Road to Brick Lane this summer. We will be following and filming this one for a documentary.

Extending the theme of heath and well being,  the SylhetTimes will also be introducing a series of health features in conjunction with the Amana Foundation, their health coach and community health professionals.