Watched the Royal Wedding?

royal wedding kate and harry

Quite a few did, in-fact about 2 billion television viewers around the world watched the Royal Wedding of “Kate & Wills” on TV and the net; quite a show.

With more than 5000 Street Parties – over 800 in London alone and in towns an cities around the country like Bradford, Manchester and Birmingham. 1 Million watched in person in the Mall and streets of London. In Southall’s Clarence St.where Kate Middleton’s parents once lived they had drummers, Asian dance and Bangra Music. Quite a party – and you don’t have to be royalist to enjoy a wedding or a party.

While the prince is from a …royal family, Kate Middleton is from a everyday one albeit with an entrepreneurial streak and she is the first commoner to marry into the royal family in more than 350 years. So – a very modern couple, in a way uniting old and new traditions like the planes of the RAF memorial Flyby that passed over Buckingham Palace: World War 2 Spitfires and Lancaster, followed by Tornado jets not forgetting the immaculate vintage Aston Martin they drove away.

We can join the heads of state and Citizens from around the world today who wished them well. Amader antorik subechha!