Welcome to the New Editor at the Oldham Chronicle

We just met David Whaley who on April 1st became the new editor of the Oldham Chronicle, one of the few independent local newspapers in the UK (published since 1854) . It was a morning “business breakfast” held at Talking Point, put on by the Chronicle and Lloyds Banking Group. Introduced by the Chronicle’ s Business Editor Martyn Torr, he spoke of his vision for the paper and where it was heading in the future. We liked it.

Like ourselves he is tired of the way Oldham is  always “where the riots were 9 years ago” and spoke of a positive approach to lift the aspirations of the town. He wants to connect with all the communities in Oldham to communicate the town’s  vitality and enterprise to a wider area.

Also like ourselves, he believes that being positive does not just mean leaving out the bad bits, but  for example – that it’s better to report what young people are doing to combat crime in an area than simply scream “Borough Battered by Crime!”

Hard to disagree with that – good luck in the new job David.