Young People Make a LOCAL IMPACT in Hyde

On Sunday 7th of October the Just Help Foundation presented 2 events with a common theme: Young People and the Future.

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The first confronted a serious issue of our time in our communities: Drug Abuse. This was the premiere of a DVD shortly to be distributed in Thameside titled “Local Impact”, funded by Awards4all as a drugs awareness project produced by the Just Help Foundation. The film was shot by young people from around Thameside interviewing local community figures, representatives such as doctors, youth workers, police, families and victims of drug abuse – and themselves. The interviews were assembled into a powerful 12 minute program offering not just a real-life story of tragedy, but some insights and positive advice for those seeking help. The film, introduced by Mizanur Rahman of the Just Help Foundation was very well received by the large audience of 225 community leaders, teachers, councillors and guests present – which included several of those appearing in the interviews and volunteers from behind the scenes. It is hoped that on distribution the video will be able to have an equal impact upon the local community at large in influencing behaviour and raising awareness of a real problem.

The the second event was the GCSE achievement awards were given to recognise the to young people of Thameside who gained exceptional GCSE results this year. The awards were presented by Keith Parry OBE and Mohima Mahzabin. Keith, a retired teacher works with the Just Help Foundation on education projects such as the Saturday School which ran at the Just Help offices in Hyde this summer. Chief guests at the event were Bangladesh High Commissioner, Councillor Wohibur Rahman Tipu, Farque Ahmed MBE, G. M. Choudhury MBE, A. K. M. Abdul Mossabbir MBE, Shahmsuddin Ahmed MBE and Saki Choudhury MBE. Also present were councillors from around the North-West U.K. joined by community leaders and parents from Thameside and other towns in the area.

It was a well attended positive event celebrating young people and their educational excellence. Next year the organisers aim for bigger and better and bigger and better exam results too.

Organiser Mizanur Rahman asked us to convey his biggest thanks to all the volunteers and Just Help members who made the

event possible.

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