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Lights, camera and action! was the cue to a start of a new era of youth engagement as Oldham Youth Forum’s latest project involved making a creative film, which was produced filmed and acted by the young people of Oldham.

On Monday the 4th of June 2012 Oldham Youth Forum held a family fun day to mark the end of their successful project called “Your voice” which was funded by Big Lottery Fund.

As you might be aware, this project was solely based on the problems the children’s faced within the community and within their families. This expanded into different subjects that consisted of Unemployment, Cultural differences, Family issues and drugs.

The youth volunteers were given a task as to how they could send the message across to their communities and they came up with the idea of making a drama/documentary with a lot of humour. This was developed over the course of 12 weeks.

The Oldham Youth Forum teamed up with 2 Tour Theatres and worked with the youth volunteers to script write, rehearse and then take part when the actual shooting started. The sessions and filming were really fun, and thanks to the continued support from you and the participant’s parents, we delivered the project with success and ease.

Moving forward from the brief outline of what the project was and how we delivered it, as the Jubilee was approaching and this brilliant project was coming to an end, there’s no better way of celebrating it than doing it together on Monday the 4th of June 2012.

A lot of planning and hard work from our members and volunteers went into this event and our aim was to deliver a very engaging event and a variety of activities for parents and children to delve into and enjoy.

Along with a presentation area for the families, we have some fantastic stalls. We had some amazing clothes that were on sale as well as scarves, bangles and beautiful traditional jewellery. There was a very popular big bouncy castle in the back of the hall for the children to play on and there was also a chemist who had a stall offering free blood pressure checks for people and medical advice.

This event was an opportunity for people to celebrate not only the jubilee but also the fantastic work the children, the members and the volunteers did on “Your Voice” and a chance to watch the thought provocative documentary.

The public also had the opportunity to speak to people from different ethnic backgrounds and have a better understanding of each other’s traditions and beliefs.

The turnout for this fun day was immense and gave us hindsight into what our community needs and the support our community is looking for. The public had the opportunity to have a better understanding into what this youth forum is offering to the public and our future goals to bring peace and harmony to Oldham.

The feedback we received was immense from the public and we were highly encouraged with the support we received. The parents were encouraging us to make more projects for their children to participate in and other parents are willing to get their children to take part in our future events. As this was Oldham Youth Forum’s first major public event, things can only improve.

Due to our recent success, we are looking to expand and are looking for enthusiastic volunteers for our next project which is the Under 21 football tournament. If you are interested, please feel free to contact The Oldham Youth Forum and your ideas and knowledge will be of great help to us. Once again, thank you to you and the participant’s parents for making this event an exceptional event and we will be doing more projects in the future.

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